Major Gifts

Gifts, Trusts and Foundations

We are deeply reliant on your contributions to provide a range of opportunities and support, and thankful for all that is possible through them. From Scholarships to our Sheet Music collection, from “Instruments for Young Musicians” (to help students in buying or loaning their concert instruments) to the financial support of the LPMAM’s concert series and competitions: we wouldn’t be here without our kind supporters. All projects are managed in close cooperation with the LPMAM Charitable Incorporated Organisation to ensure the best return on investment, the best growth in excellence: the musicians of tomorrow.
A concert room, a teaching room, a competition, a bursary or a concert instrument could be dedicated to your name to remember your generosity and contribution to LPMAM.
Gits and Donations are fully tax-deductible.

Donations and Legacy Gifts


£500 could help to offer a computer for online learning to a disadvantaged student at LPMAM, or help us conserve delicate autograph music sheets or a rare first music edition, helping to preserve them for future generations.


Small Gift

£1,000 could help a LPMAM student to cover the costs of computer and microphones, production softwares and equipment, allowing them to record music and hone their skills.



Medium Gift

£10,000 or more could fund the restoration of a valuable historic instrument in the LPMAM Collection, rescuing an important part of our musical heritage.



Large Gift

£100,000 or more could help developing the LPMAM campus facilities, buying new concert instruments for the concert hall and teaching rooms, sponsoring a competition for bursaries to the best students at LPMAM.



If you share our passion for music and music education, for innovation, diversity and inclusion, and want to help us nurturing the musical culture of tomorrow, we invite you to be part of this incredible community where you can watch talent in growth and action. A small donation today or a legacy gift in your will can have a huge impact. By choosing to make a gift of as little as 1% of your estate, you can help to ensure we can continue to inspire generations to come, and we are able to thrive in the years to come. A concert room, a teaching room, a competition, a bursary or a concert instrument could be dedicated to your name to remember your generosity and contribution to LPMAM.

Legacy Gifts:
All legacy gifts are held by our endowment fund. You will need to give your solicitor the following details of the fund:
London Performing Academy of Music C.I.O.
Charitable Incorporated Organisation, Registered Charity Number: 1173667

Major Gifts, Trusts and Foundations

As a registered charity, and an independent organisation that receives no revenue funding from government, the generosity of trusts and foundations is hugely important for
the LPMAM.

We are extremely grateful to all of our supporters helping LPMAM become the unique institution that it is today.

In order to build on our success, we seek funding towards our main charitable activities including:

1. Providing music scholarships for the most able students, as well as disadvantaged students, of the LPMAM and LPM Masterclasses.

2. Hiring, leasing, or purchasing premises for the musical activities of the LPMAM and LPM Masterclasses

3. Arranging or providing sponsorships for music projects of the faculty and students of the LPMAM. This includes: CD and video recording; production and publishing; artist
promotion and publicity; organisation of music festivals, concerts and competitions.

4. Helping students and the faculty in buying or hiring their concert instruments.

5. Creating and expanding the sheet music collection at the library of the LPMAM.

6. Creating and expanding the instrument collection at the museum of the LPMAM.

7. Promote a lifelong engagement with music through a comprehensive programme of community outreach and crime prevention activities involving music. This include free educational programme of Classical music to be offered to the most diverse and disadvantaged schools and areas in London.