Financial Support

LPMAM distributes funding each year to support undergraduate and postgraduate students from the UK, the EU and other countries overseas. Funding is awarded based on both merit and need. In a few cases we can assist students in extreme financial hardship. We rely on the generosity of individuals and charitable organisations to provide financial support for our students and every effort is made to increase the amount available to us on an annual basis.

Searching for Funds

LPMAM understand that the financial planning for a programme of study takes both time and dedication. We have provided additional information in our Funding pages to make the process more straightforward for you.

We advise that, if required, you commence your enquiries for financial support as soon as possible. From experience, those who are most successful in achieving funding are those who invest time and initiative in getting themselves and their aspirations known to potential funding donors. Use your existing network to explore options within your current community, including local businesses. You may be surprised where help can come from, and discover that the willingness to help extends beyond those directly interested in the study of music. You will also, in this way, potentially open up other avenues of support that you are entitled to. An example of this is that certain funders offer funding options to those from a specific country, faith or background.

Once you have identified potential funding sources you will need to write an application for funding. This is your opportunity to demonstrate all that funding you will entail, as well as what you require – what you plan to study, what your achievements to date have been, and why you believe you require additional help alongside where you see yourself in the future: your aspirations and goals. It is unusual for those offering funds to provide everything you ask for. You need to demonstrate within your application that you can work out how to manage your funding overall.

For UK Undergraduate students

LPMAM has strict criteria for Entrance Scholarships. Scholarships are awarded based on merit following a live audition, and composers are assessed for scholarships on the basis of their secondround interview. This happens as part of our normal admissions process, it does not require an additional application process. Scholarships for UK undergraduate students are administered through the Student Loan Company once you have completed your loan application. For further information, please read the Student Finance pages. LPMAM does not usually consider further bursary support to UK students beyond our Scholarship Awards.

For UK students who develop difficulties with living costs while they are studying with LPMAM they may choose to apply for assistance from our ‘Access to Learning’ funds. Information regarding this is available through the Vice-President’s Office.

For EU and international students who encounter extreme financial hardship during the academic year, LPMAM may be able to consider making funds available. Again, requests concerning this possibility must be directed to the Vice-President’s Office post-enrolment.

For Postgraduate and all International Students

LPMAM may be able to assist postgraduate and international students towards the costs of their fees. We are proud of our Scholarship Programme in addition to our Bursary Support whereby we are able to support students on the basis of both merit and need.

Entrance Scholarships are awarded to candidates on Performance degree and diploma programmes (except Musical Theatre) who attend a live audition during the audition sessions advertised under Application Dates. The award of these scholarships is based entirely on merit and happens as a matter of course through our audition process. Composers are assessed for scholarships on the basis of their second-round interview.

For Postgraduate and International Students who are considering a bursary, you will be asked to complete a Financial Assistance Form outlining your financial need and situation. Available funds can be variable year to year, however we endeavor to make as much money available as possible. Financial Aid forms are sent to eligible candidates automatically.

Additionally to the two above options, LPMAM has a Hardship Fund which can be accessed in cases of extreme financial difficulties that arise mid-academic year. Enquiries and applications for this funding must be directed to the Vice-President’s Office.

For additional information on funding options see the ‘Funding Sources’ page.

Professional and Career Development Loans
(UK nationals only)

In order to help you finance Work-Related Learning, some commercial banks offer Professional and Career Development Loans. Normally, you are able to borrow between £300 and £10,000 to assist in funding the costs of up to two years of study (or three years if it includes one year’s relevant unpaid practical work). The Government will pay the interest on the loan while you are learning and for one month afterwards. Once you have completed this time period you will then need to start repayments as you would any other commercial loan. You can choose how to utilize the loan, for example using it for fees or additional expenses you incur such as travel or living costs. Therefore it is possible to use the loan to supplement any other forms of support you have secured.

When applying, please ensure that you enter the start and finish dates for the relevant academic year as published on our Term Dates page, ensuring you exclude Enrolment Week.

We recommend that prior to considering a Professional and Career Development Loan you ensure you have investigated all possible funding options and that you educate yourself about the loan in order to make a fully informed decision about a commercial product.

Useful contacts regarding additional information on financial support for your studies can be found at the GOV.UK website as well as the National Careers Service on 0800 100 900.