Your Support

The LPMAM is keen to see our students develop their musical talents. To support this, we are able to allocate funding each year to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. We look at individuals to decide on funding options, looking at their abilities, talent and need. In a few exceptional cases we may be able to help when a student is in serious financial need. In order to enable LPMAM’s funding, we rely on generosity from both individual supporters of LPMAM as well as charitable organisations. We work hard to ensure that our students receive the financial support they need throughout their studies, and are continually looking for further avenues of funding.


We dare to dream in a current global environment that focusses on the bottom line more than musical excellence and creativity. We believe the two ambitions can be met together – we believe that outstanding musical excellence play a key role in building the culture of the future, ultimately making a better tomorrow. The LPMAM is both unique and extraordinary: it’s both modern and innovative whilst striving for excellence. It offers an eminent faculty with a strong performing curriculum. Traditional teaching is conducted alongside innovative courses focused on the practical figure of the performer in the current music industry. This unique combination comes together to create an ideal setting that nurtures creativity, development, and musical excellency where young musical talents can grow beyond the ordinary to become the most truly fine artists.

To enable this to happen, day by day, week by week, year on year, hundreds of generous alumni and friends support the unique spirit that is LPMAM. We simply couldn’t be what we are without the belief of our supporters.

I invite you to join all of us who share the conviction that LPMAM is the future of tomorrow’s musical excellence. By being part of the investment in LPMAM’s students you are helping to nurture the musical culture of tomorrow. It is a truly unique opportunity to be part of this incredible community where you can watch talent in growth and action.

The LPMAM’s registered Sponsors’ Association is the London Piano Masters Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

We aim, through the “Friends and Patrons of the LPMAM”, to provide extraordinarily gifted young musicians with the finest possible chances to develop, expand and utilise their talent. Building on this foundation, we promote an international and diverse culture, with prime emphasis on recording skills and education beyond the traditional curricula.

We are deeply reliant on the Sponsors’ Association’s contributors to provide a range of opportunities and support, and thankful for all that is possible through them. From Scholarships to our Sheet Music collection, from “Instruments for Young Musicians” (to help students in buying or loaning their concert instruments) to the financial support of the LPMAM’s concert series and competitions: we wouldn’t be here without our kind supporters. All projects are managed in close cooperation with the London Piano Masters CIO to ensure the best return on investment, the best growth in excellence: the musicians of tomorrow.

Members of the Sponsors’ Association support the LPMAM with membership fees and donations, but also by actively participating in and attending Academy events. Membership fees and donations are fully tax-deductible. From Annual memberships starting at £100, rising to much larger donations: every penny of support counts and we are grateful for your belief in promoting and developing the young and gifted musicians of the future.